2019 ENCATC Congress 講者陣容堅強 熱烈報名中!

2019 ENCATC Congress 主題為『文化與教育政策實踐的多樣性與永續性 “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education”』,即將於 2-5 October 法國狄戎展開為期三天的論壇。

近期公布重磅級專題講者 - 澳洲文化經濟學家 Professor David Throsby 應邀出席。台灣文化政策研究學會仲曉玲理事,亦受邀擔任專題講者。ENCATC 講者群陸續公布中:https://www.encatccongress.org/?page_id=2254

澳洲文化經濟學家 Professor David Throsby 是雪梨澳洲 Macquarie University Distinguished Professor of Economics。在 ENCATC Congress 期間,他將以專題演講 “Diversity and sustainability in the cultural sector: What can economics tell us?” 分享他的見解。


  • 澳洲經濟學家 Professor David Throsby與30+名國際知名專家學者,以及150+來自全球各地與會者
  • 台灣文化政策研究學會仲曉玲理事,受邀擔任專題講者
  • 八大主題:The Members’ Forum; The Education and Research Session; The ENCATC Research Award Ceremony; The Conference; The ENCATC Fellowship Award Ceremony; The Posters Exhibition; The ENCATC Research Boot Camp; and Guided Cultural Excursions.
  • 50+位young and emerging researchers
  • 70+篇來自全球各地教育人員、學者論文投稿
  • 3個表彰在文化管理和文化政策研究領域表現優異的慶祝活動
  • TACPS、ENCATC 與 AAAE 會員免費參加首日會員專屬論壇 (Members’ Forum)

ENCATC Congress 議程內容及線上報名:https://www.encatccongress.org/

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與台灣文化政策研究學會締盟的『歐洲文化管理和文化政策教育網絡 ENCATC』 成立於1992年,共擁有100多家會員機構與活躍於教育網絡的專業人員們,而專業人員廣泛地來自40多各個國家。ENCATC積極培訓與研究文化管理、文化政策與教育等領域,其ENCATC的會員們也對來自世界各地成千上萬的文化管理者之教育等產生極大影響。

ENCATC, the European network on cultural management and policy, is announcing new speakers in its exciting line up for its 2019 Congress“Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education” next 2-5 October in Dijon, France.

Representatives from higher education institutions, networks, research centres, cultural organisations, international organisations,national government bodies, and regional authorities will explore the practical meanings of diversity in the cultural and creative sector, investigate how its different connotations are implemented in practice, and how they are contributing to the sustainability discourse in the field.

Headlining the 2019 Congress speaker line up is keynote speaker, David Throsby, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. On 3 October, he will share his critical reflections on “Diversity and sustainability in the cultural sector: What can economics tell us?” In the cultural arena how are these two disparate concepts linked? What are the real-world applications?

Congress experts will also share new knowledge, innovative practices, and insightful experiences on topics such as: Diversity and sustainability in the cultural sector; Diversity and sustainability in cultural policies; Higher Music and Arts Education contributions to make arts and culture more diverse and sustainable; and Intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations across research approaches to cultural heritage.

Coming from Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, invited experts are joining our international gathering with Congress participants having registered so far from 29 countries in Europe and beyond. 

There is still time to register and network with academics, researchers, decision makers, influential experts, practitioners, and artists interested in accessing ground-breaking innovations in cultural management and policy education and encouraging steps to ensure significant improvements in this industry!

Learn more about the ENCATC Congress: https://www.encatccongress.org/

ENCATC is the European network on cultural management and policy. It is an independent membership organisation gathering over 150 higher education institutions and cultural organisations in over 40 countries. ENCATC was founded in 1992 to represent, advocate and promote cultural management and cultural policy education, professionalise the cultural sector and make it sustainable, and to create a platform of discussion and exchange at the European and international level. ENCATC is an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO and is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The 2019 ENCATC Congress is done in partnership with the Burgundy School of Business, a member of ENCATC.