2016 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: “Cultural Governance, Global Mobility and Actions”


Event Holder: National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), Taiwan Organizer: Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy, NTUA Co-Organizer: Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Study, TACPS Strategic Partners:  ENCATC, The European Network on Cultural Management and Policy ANCER, Asia Pacific Network for Cultural Education and Research   Date: November 4-6, 2016 (Fri.-Sun.) Venue: International Conference Hall, National Taiwan University of Arts & Taipei Artist Village Participants: 150-200 Experts from Academic and Cultural Institutions Conference Language: Chinese and EnglishPaper submissions are invited for the “2016 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: Cultural Governance, Global Mobility and Actions”, which is to be held at the Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at National Taiwan University of Arts from November 4th to 6th (in the International Conference Hall) 2016. The 2016 event is organized jointly by NTUA, and TACPS in Taiwan, and their strategic partners ENCATC and ANCER.   Facing the ever complex global cultural scenario: rapid flows of people, technologies, thoughts, goods, labors, capital, space and time, how national/city cultural policies can be reimagined to meet up the cultural publicness has become the key issue. Symbols and ideas, which collide and converge in both real and virtual worlds, are transforming our everyday life through information and digital technologies. Global mobility and fluidity is posing new challenges to cultural leadership for the heads of states, chiefs of national and municipal cultural administrations, cultural institutions, cultural entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, immigrants, and individual cultural practitioners, who intend to lead and govern public cultural affairs. Whilst engagements of agents in cultural public sphere are shaping central concerns of cultural governance study today. “2016 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: Cultural Governance, Global Mobility and Actions” expects to stimulate responses and dialogues for people from various specialties and positions. The following directions form the major themes of the conference:  

  1. Digital Convergence and Cultural Economy: How is cultural policy and governance shaping and reshaped by flows of creative workers, industries, symbolic economy, cultural consumption and digital technologies?
  2. Human Rights and Cultural Governance: How does cultural policy deal with issues of wars, global diaspora and immigrants, cultural diversities, human rights, and transitional justice?
  3. Museums and Cultural Resources in the Age of Global Mobility: How do museums become converging sites for mobile people, ideas, technologies and cultural resources? And how do cultural institutions act by making use of big data?
  4. Multicultural Mobility vs. Cultural Security How does one conceive cultural security? Should one seek cultural subjectivity, integrity, particularity, or should one look to creativity and changes in the age of global mobility?
  5. Cultural Resistance? Or Cultural Engagement Should one act to resist the structural/hegemonic power of cultural system (states and enterprises)? Or should one engage positively, critically and reflectively in our daily life?
  6. Open Issues

  Other issues that stimulate the field of cultural policy and cultural governance studies are welcome. Paper proposals containing title, abstract of 300-500 words, contact information and affiliation should be sent no later than (Wed.) June 1st 2016 electronically to the following: CulturalGovernance@gmail.com. For further details of the conference please visit the Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy website at http://acpm.ntua.edu.tw/main.php, or Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Study website at http://tacps.tw. Inquiries should also be sent to the Organizing Committee at the e-mail address above. Authors are advised to use the CMS (author-date) format in their writings. Final papers must be received no later than Oct 4th 2016 and should also be submitted electronically.

Call for papers in English : CFP_2016 Cultural Trajectories

【學會公告】Call for papers:2016 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories-Cultural Governance, Global Mobility and Actions



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