Kai Tim B Name Kai Tim Brennert
Degree MA International Cultural Policy and Management
Job Title Junior Consultant
Nationality German
Professional Summary
Kai Tim Brennert is currently working as a Junior Consultant for the German development agency GIZ and various art organisations. His experiences of having lived, studied and worked in Australia, Cambodia, Germany, Iraq, Thailand and the UK strongly influenced his research interests including comparative cultural governance, culture and development, and cultural policy in fragile contexts. Kai Tim Brennert holds a Master’s degree in International Cultural Policy and Management from the University of Warwick (UK) and a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Management from the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (DE).




HaKyung HAN

Name HaKyung HAN
Degree International Cultural Policy and Management, MA(The Universty of Warwick)
Job Title Researcher, Korea Culture Technology Institute/ PhD Student, The Graduate School of Culture at Chonnam National Univerisity
Nationality Korean
Professional Summary
HaKyung HAN is a researcher at Korea Culture Technology Institute and a PhD student of the Graduate School of Culture at Chonnam National University. KCTI aims to carry out research and development on cutting-edge technologies for the cultural industry based on exchanges and convergence between diverse academic fields including science and technology, design space, the arts and culture, and the humanities. Long term interests has been lain how governmental arts organizations to promote interactive international cooperation with other countries. Taking one step forward, the increased use of digital technology in the arts and its impact on audiences is main interest.


Xenia Joost
Name Xenia Joost
Degree Fashion Design
Philosophy Fine Arts
Job Title Creative Director
Nationality Estonian
Professional Summary
Xenia Joost, owner and creative director of a fashion design brand Xenia Joost. Currently she is providing brand building and collection developing consultancy in Asia, Vietnam. In the past she was working as the Head of Design in the biggest Estonian fashion and retail company Baltika Group. Through her professional career she has been building bridges between business and creativity. She sees that new and intresting world of opportunities could be opened for businesses in cooperation with creativity and the best result would be acheved within the partnership and not the exploitation.




Kim, kyu won
Name Kim, kyu won
Degree Ph.D
Job Title Senior researcher
Nationality Korea
Professional Summary
I am senior researcher in Korea Culture & Tourism Institute of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Korea. As I researched Regional Cultural Planning and Festivals in France and Europe, I started my work on cultural field especially about Regional cultural planning and Evaluation of festivals in the Institute where I started to work from 2001. After, I worked in planning cultural facilities as libraries, museums and concerts halls. Also in 2003 I researched on Foreign Examples of Cultural Impact Assessment. Currently I am working in field of planning of Traditional music policy, Cultural Diversity and Urban regeneration through Arts and culture, etc.


Osedebamen David Oamen
Name Osedebamen David Oamen
Degree Theatre Arts
Job Title Lecturer
Nationality Nigerian
Professional Summary
Osedebamen David Oamen had primary and secondary school education in Esan, Edo State, Nigeria. Thereafter, he attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and was awarded Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts, and University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria where he obtained Master of Arts and Doctorate Degree in Theatre Arts, with emphasis in cultural management. He has published about thirty academic articles in local and international journals and books as well as attended home and overseas academic conferences and presented papers. He is a playwright, storyteller, songwriter, singer, cultural activist, and a lecturer in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.


 J. Dennis Rich Name J. Dennis Rich
Degree Business and Entrepreneurship Department

Columbia College Chicago

Job Title Professor
Nationality US
Professional Summary
Dennis Rich is Professor and Chairman Emeritus of the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department at Columbia College Chicago. From January 1991 to August 2009, he was Chairperson of that department. He was founding director of the Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College Chicago, a position he held until June of 2002.  The Center focused on applied research related to democracy and the arts; it also presented the Democratic Vistas lecture series cultural policy.

Rich is also a consultant, researcher and lecturer.  His international works includes colloquia, workshops, scholarly presentations, and lectures in India, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Australia, Spain, Albania, Austria, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, Serbia, Hong Kong, and Ukraine.  He has guest professor at the Internationales Zentrum für Kultur und Mangement in Salzburg, Austria and the Fachhochschule Potsdam, in Germany.  He was also head of the faculty for the ICCM Summer Academy.  He is a contributor and co-author of several books including Marketing Planning for Culture and the Arts: Fundamental Principles and Practices for Building an Effective Marketing Campaign, and Marketing Culture and the Arts, which is published in twelve languages.  He is also the author of numerous articles.  He is trained in theatre, has an extensive arts management background and held management positions in a variety of performing arts organizations including BalletMet, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and Studio Arena Theatre.


 Ekaterina Shekova Name Ekaterina Shekova
Degree PhD in Economics
Job Title Associate Professor
Nationality Russian
Professional Summary
Shekova Ekaterina is Associate Professor in Cultural Management of St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television in Russia. Her primary fields of interest and research are Management and Marketing in the Arts and Creative Industries, while the secondary fields are Nonprofit Management and Finance. She has published seven books in arts and nonprofit management and more than forty articles in this field.
As a part of Goethe Institut Project she taught financial courses in English at the Master Program of Bremen University (Germany) in 2004-05. She also served as a visiting professor and part-time faculty at Columbia College Chicago in 2008-10, where her teaching responsibilities included Finance, Managerial Economics, and Applied Marketing in Visual Arts.Ekaterina has acquired a wealth of additional professional expertise. For eight years she worked in the development department at the Hermitage Museum, one of the world famous museums of fine arts, where she was in charge for sponsorship and local fundraising campaigns. Since 2005 she has served as a consultant in fundraising at the St. Petersburg Development Center of Nonprofit Organizations and expert in museum management of Potanin Foundation. In 2012 she became a development director of St. Petersburg Radomira Centre that applies different art forms for family and children therapy.


Marge Sassi
Name Marge Sassi
Degree Cultural Mangement
Job Title Junior researcher/Phd student
Nationality Estonian
Professional Summary
Marge Sassi has graduated the Cultural Management MA program of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is currently working and studying at Estonian Business School. She has been involved in social sector over 10 years while last years have been dedicated mainly to cultural projects. She is a member of Estonian Public Relations Association and Estonian Association for Quality and is a licensed EQUASS auditor for social institutions.
Her research as PhD student is targeted to the performance evaluation in creative industry. She has worked and studied in Finland, Germany, Belgium and Tajikistan. Cultural differences, arts history and sailing are her biggest passions.


Name 吳介祥  Dr. Wu, Chieh-Hsiang
Degree 德國奧登堡大學社會學博士
Job Title 副教授
Nationality Taiwan
Professional Summary
1990 國立台灣師範大學美術系學士
2000 德國奧登堡大學社會學/藝術學碩士《系統理論裡的藝術》
2004 德國奧登堡大學社會學博士《德國與台灣文化政策及文化經濟之國家權限分析》
2004-2005 台北藝術產經研究室主任
2005-2007 南華大學藝術與美學研究所助理教授
2007-2009 元智大學藝術管理所助理教授
2009-2013 國立彰化師範大學美術系助理教授
2013- 2014 中華民國視覺藝術協會理事長
2013~ 國立彰化師範大學美術系副教授
2015~ 台灣文化政策研究學會理事1990 Bachelor of National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Fine Art
2000 Master of Sociology/Art Science of Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany
“Kunst in der Systemtheorie”
2004 Ph.D. of Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany
“Kulturpolitik und Kulturökonomie in Deutschland und in Taiwan: eine Analyse der staatlichen Kompetenzen”
2004-2005 Research Head of Taipei Art Economy Research Center
2005-2007 Assistant Professor of University Nanhua, Chia-yi, Taiwan
2007-2009 Assistant Professor of University Yuanzhi, Tao-yuan, Taiwan
2009-2013 Assistant Professor of National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan
2013- 2014 Chief of Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan
2013~ Associate Professor of National Changhua University of Education, Department of Art, Changhua, Taiwan
2015~ Board Member of Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Studies (TACPS)


 楊臻欣 Jen-Shin Yang Name 楊臻欣 Jen-Shin Yang
Degree PhD Candidate in Politics
at University of York
MSc in Political Sociology at LSE
Job Title 研究生PhD student
Nationality Taiwan
Professional Summary

Living in Taipei City for more than two decades, I am particularly interested in the relations between urban space and the inhabitants within. Path-dependently speaking, devoting myself to urban research seems to be my calling. Fortunately enough to be granted with scholarship from Taiwan Government, I am thus allowed to quench my thirst for knowledge and pursue intellectual advancement. My PhD project, guided by my passion about urban life, chooses London 2012 Olympics and Beijing 2008 Olympics as cases to explore the legacy of mega-events on hosting cities.


王子琪 Ziqi Wang
Name 王子琪 Ziqi Wang
Degree 文化管理碩士 MA
Job Title 研究生PhD student
Nationality 中國 China
Professional Summary

Holding a MA in Cultural Management from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ziqi Wang is studying in the National Taiwan University of Arts for her PhD majoring in Art Management and Cultural Policy. Her main research area is Cultural policy, art market and art funding of China. Meanwhile she is a lecturer in College of Culture and Communication,
Capital University of Economics and Business.


王志弘 Chih-hung Wang
Name 王志弘  Chih-hung Wang
Degree 臺大建築與城鄉研究所博士Building and Planning, Ph.D
Job Title 教授  Professor
Nationality 臺灣  Taiwan
Professional Summary

Chih-Hung Wang is a Professor of Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University. He obtained his PHD in 1997 in National Taiwan University. His field of study includes urban cultural governance, nature governance, mobility studies and spatial and social theories. The researches he has conducted on nature governance involves waterfront redevelopment, urban animals, and the modern constitution of urban water supply and drainage systems.


Ren Jun 任珺
Name Ren Jun 任珺
Degree Theory of Literature and Art文艺学
Job Title Cultural Institute 文化研究所
Research Professor 研究员
Nationality China 中国
Professional Summary
Ren Jun:Research professor in Cultural Institute of Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences

Research field: Cultural Policy & Urban Culture

Books:Cultural Policy from an Interdisciplinary Perspective(2014)、Cultural Rights:Tracing and Reading (coauthor,2005)、A Study On The System Of  Public Culture Service(coauthor,2006)



Name 何承霖 He,Cheng-Lin
Degree 傳播學士 Department of Communication
Job Title 替代役 Substitute Military Service
Nationality 台灣 Taiwan
Professional Summary

He, Cheng-Lin, studied in Institutes of Culture Heritage Conservation in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and is serving the substitute military Service in Natinoal Taiwan Craft Research and Development institute. As a railfan, he paid attention to development and conservation of Taiwan’s railway culture for a long time. After being a volunteer for Takao Railway Meseum in Kaohsiung since 2014, he started to delve the impactive actions what railway fandom do for issues of railway culture.


林蕙怡Hui-Yi Lin
Name 林蕙怡 Hui-Yi Lin
Degree 文化創意產業經營學系
Cultural and Creative Industries Managament (Master Degree)
Job Title 研究生 PhD student
Nationality 台灣Taiwan
Professional Summary

Hui-Yi is a PhD student from Arts Graduates School of Art Management & Culture Policy in National Taiwan University of Arts. Her major studying fields are culture policy and creative industries. Her master thesis, “A Research on Experiential Marketing in Taipei’s Indigenous Cultural and Creative Shops”, is a combination of what she learned from college and from graduate school. She has a bachelor degree in business administration and a master degree in cultural and creative industries management. And now she wants to learn to see through cultural and creative industries from a higher level, a policy level.


Name 邱于庭Ciou,Yu-Ting
Degree 文化資產碩士
Master of Cultural Heritage
Job Title 研究生PhD student
Nationality 台灣Taiwan
Professional Summary

Ciou,Yu-Ting . She holds a MA and BA in Cultural Heritage Conservation from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and is currently working her PHD in Art Management and Culture Policy at the National Taiwan University of Arts. At this stage, her development direction is researching cultural heritage and museums. In the future, she will toward important issues in the Asia-Pacific Regional Museum, including the protecting traditional cultural heritages, proposing that new vision for the museum and so on.


Name  梁庭瑜 Ting-Yu Liang
Degree  Master of Law program
Job Title
Nationality  Taiwan
Professional Summary

Hi everyone! I am Ting-Yu Liang. I am a student enrolled in the Master of Law program. I was majored in Life Science, however, I deeply feel that Law is worth to research further. Now I am major in Intellectual Property Law, But I will introduce you about the cultural right of the Constitution. I am looking for your kindly comments and suggestion. If we have a chance to meet on the conference, please don’t hesitate to talk to me.


郭家勳 Chapman Kuo
Name  郭家勳 Chapman Kuo
Degree  國立臺南藝術大學藝術創作理論研究所博士班
Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory Tainan National University of the Arts
Job Title  視覺藝術工作者 Visual Artist
Nationality  臺灣Taiwan
Professional Summary
郭家勳目前就讀於國立臺南藝術大學藝術創作理論研究所博士班,其過去曾經擔任高雄市駁二藝術特區的執行長,並亦曾分別任職於高雄市政府文化局及高雄市立美術館。其相關文化行政經歷,除2004至2005年的駁二藝術特區經營管理外,另包括協辦過2003年高雄國際貨櫃藝術節、2005年高雄國際鋼雕藝術節、2005紐約授權展及參與2005年全球藝術村聯盟ResArtis於德國柏林召開的會議。此外,郭家勳也是ㄧ名視覺藝術工作者,其作品曾獲得2015 Art Olympia Cécile Debray 評審獎。

Chapman Kuo now study at Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory Tainan National University of the Arts.Besides,Chapman Kuo was former Director of Kaohsiung Pier 2 Arts District during 2004-2005 and worked as one of the organizers of the Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival 2003 and Kaohsiung International Steel&Iron Arts Festival 2005 which hosted by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and Bureau of Culture Affairs Kaohsiung City Government.Furthermore,Chapman Kuo has participated the New York Licensing Trade Show 2005 and ResArtis Berlin conference 2005 .Chapman Kuo is also a visual artist whose work won the 2015 Art Olympia Cécile Debray Judge Award.


Chia-Li Chen
Name 陳佳利Chia-Li Chen
Degree  Ph.D in Museum Studies
Job Title  Associate Professor
Director of Institute of Museum Studies, TNUA
Nationality  Taiwan
Professional Summary
陳佳利,現任國立臺北藝術大學博物館研究所所長,英國萊斯特博物館學研究所博士。著有“Museums and Cultural Identities: Learning and Recollection in Local Museums in Taiwan”(Saarbrucken: VDM Publishing House 出版) 、《被展示的傷口︰創傷與記憶的博物館筆記》(台北︰典藏出版社)及《邊緣與再現︰博物館與文化參與權》(台北︰臺大出版社)等。她擔任國內外期刊的編輯委員,如博物館學季刊(台灣)、科技教育與博物館(中國)及Museum Worlds(英國)等。她研究領域聚焦在以下三個領域:博物館與當代社會議題,特別著重反思弱勢團體及身心障礙團體之參與及再現,博物館、創傷記憶與人權教育,以及文學博物館的發展內涵與歷史,並發表多篇中英文期刊論文。

Chia-Li Chen is the director of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies at the Taipei National University of the Arts. She received her PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She is the author of Museums and Cultural Identities (VDM Verlag) and has published several English papers in journals and edited books such as Re-presenting Disability, Displaced Heritage and Museum Revolutions. Her research interests focus on three main areas: museums and contemporary social issues, especially the engagement and representation of the disabled and minority groups, museum, traumatic memories and human rights education, and the history of literature museums.


 楊金源 Name  楊金源 YANG, JIN-YUAN
Degree 社會學碩士、民間文學博士生
MA (SOC), Ph.D. student in Folk Literature
Job Title 佛光大學社會學系兼任講師
Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Fo Guang University
Nationality  R.O.C (Taiwan)
Professional Summary

Jin-Yuan Yang is a licensed Senior Social Worker, M.A. in Sociology, Ph.D. student in Folk Literature at National Dong Hwa University, and once the Director of Planning Department at Yilan County Government, who organized local development for years. Yang oftentimes ponder the issues of the features of local cultures and local cultural policy and practice, and is currently active in the research area of folk culture.


Name  廖昀靖 Liao Yun Jing
Degree 國立臺北藝術大學藝術行政與管理研究所Director of Student Association of Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management,Taipei National University of the Arts
Job Title
Nationality  Taiwan
Professional Summary



My name is Liao Yun Jing. I come from Taoyuan Dasi county . That is one has the beautiful scenery hometown. The scenery has inspired me to the beautiful appreciation. I like painting pictures and writing since childhood. I like creating, that can let me feel self-confidently and comfortable. When university,I stduyed in national Sun Yat-sen University ,majored in Chinese literature.I love to write to make the thing which cannot see to see. For example: Love, desire, ideal,and so on. I’m study in Taipei National University of the Arts ,maior in Arts Administration and Management..To make the aesthetic to see.

Regarding the life, I am familiar with optimistically positive. I thought each people all have the desire, all have the dream. Everybody has the ideal, but succeeds the human can practice the ideal.We all have the dream, but if does not carry out, the dream never can practice. Therefore, when I have the goal, I can dare to practice. When I am practicing, I feel joyful. Because I know, each my step all approach to my goal.

Regarding the future, I want to be an art of management. I hope that I can help the art organization to move sincerely well. l want to be one to have the contribution person to the Taiwan art environment. Let the populace no longer think art will be in a classroom hall class. Lets each have the dream people all to be able to complete his ideal, will enable each populace all to receive artistic the move.


Name  劉俊裕 Jerry C. Y. LIU
Degree 文化研究與文化政策研究博士
Ph D. in Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy Studies
Job Title  副教授 Associate Professor
Nationality  臺灣 Taiwan
Professional Summary

Jerry C Y Liu is an Associate Professor of Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at the National Taiwan University of Arts. He is the first President of Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Studies. Liu is invited as the ENCATC International Correspondence Board Member, and the representative member of ANCER for the NTUA. Liu has been the consulting member of Culture Basic Law and the Global Outreach Office of Ministry of Culture in Taiwan. Liu is the author and editor of The Mapping of Cultural Rights in Taiwan and Global Cities, Cultural Governance and Cultural Strategies: Art-Cultural Events, Festivals and Cultural Images (in Chinese). His current research focuses on ReOrient cultural governance and cultural policy in East Asia, and the interactivity between culture and political economy.


Hsieh Yi Ching
Name Hsieh Yi Ching
Degree Art Management and Cultural Industry
Job Title Ph.D Candidate
Nationality Taiwan
Professional Summary

Yi Ching is a Ph.D Candidate of Peking University, schools of Arts. Main research is using cultural economic theory, comparing Taiwan and Mainland China’s art system, and be a guest writer on heyshow.com, the internet media of Taiwan, writing the cultural environment articles with Bejing.