秘書長 林冠文│Secretary-General / Kuan-Wen Eric Lin

襄助理事長綜理學會內事務。亞太盛會活動管理協會(Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management, APIEM)產業聯繫副總裁。英國愛丁堡瑪格麗特皇后大學Events Management博士、文化管理MBA、國立中正大學財務金融系學士,為華人圈首位取得盛會活動管理博士學位的歸國學者,師承全球著名的盛會活動管理教育宗師Joe Goldblatt教授與國際旅遊資訊科技聯會(International Federation for IT, Travel and Tourism, IFITT)前主席Andrew Frew教授。為全球首位贏得MeetingMatrix(Amadeus全球旅遊分銷集團子企業)會展科技管理博士班全額獎學金得主。

曾任職於中國信託商業銀行產業金融處服務業產業中心、外交部駐英國臺北代表處愛丁堡辦事處、英國蘇格蘭地區議會跨黨派友台小組(Cross-Party Group on Taiwan, The Scottish Parliament)首任執行秘書。受臺灣前交通部觀光局局長蘇成田榮譽院長邀約延攬回國,現任中華大學觀光學院觀光與會展學系專任助理教授、國際暨兩岸事務處組長、國際合作執行長。並於國立臺灣藝術大學藝術管理與文化政策研究所、泰國Assumption University of Thailand兼任助理教授。服務於臺灣文化創意學會任理事,經濟部國貿局會展領航計畫MICE人才培育與認證講師,臺灣智慧旅遊產業協會秘書長、智慧會展發展委員會主任委員。

發表盛會活動管理專業學術研究於Event Management、Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism等國際期刊。與周幼明合著有「會議與展覽」一書,並經常為報章、雜誌撰寫盛會活動管理相關專欄文章。曾擔任新北市政府文化局板橋435藝文特區進駐藝術家評鑒委員;文化部2017年「編撰文化白皮書暨籌畫全國文化會議」文化永續力諮詢委員、新竹與花蓮場分區論壇引言人;文化部「106-107年文化產業趨勢統計調查(文化觀光產值趨勢追蹤與分析)」審查委員;財團法人中華民國對外貿易協會「會展職能基準建置暨人力供需研究計畫」評審委員。

Dr. Kuan-Wen Eric Lin now serves as Vice President for Industry Relations at Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM), and he works as Assistant Professor for the Department of Tourism and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions and Events) Management and Director for the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs at Chung-Hua University, Taiwan. He holds adjunct assistant professorship at Graduate School of Art Management & Culture Policy, National Taiwan University of Arts and Assumption University of Thailand.

As the current Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the eMICE Development Committee at Taiwan Intelligence Tourism Industry Association (TITIA) and Member of the Board of Directors at Taiwan Creative and Cultural Association (TCCA), he actively helps governments and industries to build their strategies and body of knowledge of MICE, festival and event management.

Dr. Lin received his Ph.D. (Event Management) and MBA in Cultural Management at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, U. K. under the supervision of two world renowned scholars, Professor Joe Goldblatt and Professor Andrew Frew. Professor Joe Goldblatt is known as the father of modern event management education, and he gave the birth of the world’s first event management textbook and the following 30 related series of books. Professor Andrew Frew, who also looked after Kuan-Wen’s PhD thesis, is the previous chairman of International Federation for IT, Travel and Tourism (IFITT), the most renowned global eTourism think tank. Dr. Lin was the winner of the first ever MeetingMatrix (world’s leading event ICT solution provider, an Amadeus subsidiary) Full PhD Scholarship. His publication could be seen in international academic journals such as Event Management and Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism. He coauthored with Dr. Chou on the book “Meetings and Exhibitions”.

Previous to the current positions, Kuan-Wen, also known as Eric, was the first Secretary of the Cross-Party-Group on Taiwan at Scottish Parliament from 2011 to 2014, the Convener of Taiwan Pavilion Preparation Committee in 2013 Edinburgh Summer Festivals, and the Assistant and Research Coordinator to Executive Director of International Centre for the Study of Planned Events (ICSPE) at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2009. He used to work for Taipei Representative Office in the UK, Edinburgh Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan, R.O.C. in 2008 and for Chinaturst Commercial Bank during 2004-2007.


Expectations for TACPS:The believer and witness of positive cultural and art impact for the human society. However, I am also aware that there are crucial issues happening in terms of cultural management, employment and resource distribution under the global phenomena of claimed experience economy. Hope we could bridge the conversation gap among artists and the stake holders in the era of capitalism and try our best to comfort the tension and anxiety existed because of their different perceptions.

副秘書長 蔡淳任│Deputy Secretary-General / Tsai, Chun Jen


副秘書長 李倢宇│Deputy Secretary-General / Debbie / Chieh-Yu Lee


Debbie Chieh-Yu Lee is primarily responsible for the Association’s international communications as well as the development & communications of international projects that foster learning and dialogue of culture in external relations in Taiwan and its relationship with the East Asian, America, Europe and world. She holds degrees in Art Curatorship and English. She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Cultural & Creative Industries from King’s College London, University of London. Previously, Debbie interned in NY, USA with The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, in Sydney, Australia with 4A Center for Contemporary Asian Art, and in Taipei, Taiwan with the Digital Art Center. Currently, she is Communications & Public Affairs deputy manager in a global high-tech company where she identifies and oversees corporate citizenship initiatives related to the sector of arts & culture, education, civic development and environment that maximizes exposure and goodwill across key communities where the company operates.


Expectations for TACPS:TACPS is founded in the era when global governance emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. Its founding aims at a key role in Taiwan’s cultural policy research as a grassroots, think-tank of the third sector, which dedicated to create an open and accessible knowledge sharing forum, and to develop a public sphere that would facilitate cultural collaborations, dialogues, and rational debates among different agents. Additionally, it expects to host cultural seminars, workshops and international conferences to stimulate analysis and exchange of ideas and work on issues of mutual interest for cultural practitioners in Taiwan and aboard.

執行秘書 戴秉儒│Chief Information Officer / Ping-Ju Tai


Ping-Ju Tai graduated from the Department of Social Welfare, National Chung Cheng University, and studying for MA degree in Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy, National Taiwan University of Arts. He also worked as special correspondent of HopeMedia Foundation, photographer of National Taiwan University Symphony Orchestra(NTUSO), and join the internship at The Ling Yutang House recently. His research interests are visual arts, photography heritage, cultural policy, and cultural studies.



國際長 李亦晟│ Deputy International Officer / Li, Yi-Sheng


Yi-sheng Li graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University. Li is pursuing his MA degree in the Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy, National Taiwan University of Arts, and currently, study in the Art Environment Support program as an exchange student in Tsukuba University. He has also worked as the research assistant of National Cultural Congress & White Paper on Cultural Affairs, National Palace Museum’s cultural substitute military serviceman and intern of Setouchi Triennale 2016’s Asia Art Platform. His research interests are the strategy of international cultural exchange, external cultural policy, and culture diplomacy.


Expectations for TACPS:If I need to rely on the ladder to reach where I want to go, I will give up the idea…because what I have to go is where I stand right now.


學術長 李珮綺│Chief Academic Officer / Andrea Lee


Andrea Lee is mainly responsible for planning in Taiwan association of Cultural Policy(TACPS), assisting in the preparation of the forum and related contacts for academic activities. She graduated from the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management, National Taipei University of Education(NTUE). Because of her passion for art and cultural affairs, she used to be an administrative assistant of the New Space-Time Gallery(STARTS) and a part-time research assistant of National Cultural Congress & White Paper. She also successively interned in the creative programs of GoodLeftBrain Creative, AM Creative, and the National Marine Biology Museum. And now, Andrea is currently studying for a master’s degree in the department of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Her research interest is the cultural economy, arts, and business cooperation, arts and cultural curating.


Expectations for TACPS:The task of TACPS is to establish a public, intellectual and dialectical platform for think tanks and to lead the development of culture in Taiwan. Through the continuous operation of TACPS, We can increase the awareness of Taiwan cultural values and the urgent need of cultural environment’s establishment. For me, what I concerned about is to let culture influence society.


企劃長 繆子琳│Chief Planning Officer / Miao, Tzu-Lin


Tzu-Lin Miao graduated in Department of Public Affairs at Fo Guang University. , Miao is studying for a master’s degree in the department of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at the National Taiwan University of Arts. She has worked in Chinese Folk-Arts Foundation, Paperwindmill, project research assistant for 2017 National Cultural Congress and Cultural White Paper Project, Taipei Heart Village Association’s intern project manager. Current research focuses on intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage safeguarding policy and cultural communities.


Expectations for TACPS:Culture is contained all of the social communities, professional and predicament. We should let the communities comprehend, cooperate. And finally, we hope “culture” can be the essential things in each different field.