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Culture: Policy, Management, and Entrepreneurship (CPME) is an international academic journal that seeks to promote the research and applied knowledge in the areas of cultural policy, management, and entrepreneurship. Based in Taiwan, it aims to bring about important findings locally, regionally, and globally, in order to advance critical knowledge and discourse in the field of cultural policy studies.

CPME emphasizes the integration of thoughts, ideas, philosophies, value discourses and pragmatical knowledge of cultural policy, management, and entrepreneurship. It encourages interdisciplinary dialogues between humanities and political, economic, and social sciences; as well as cross-sectorial debates among the academia, policy makers, cultural administrators, managers, and entrepreneurs.

CPME covers topics of (but not limited to): cultural thoughts and discourses of cultural policy; cultural laws and institutions, the operation of artistic organizations, curation and management of cultural events; nonprofit cultural organizations and network governance; heritage management and community regeneration; arts education; cultural and digital technology; media and cultural public sphere; creative and cultural economy, cultural entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and social enterprises for culture, working conditions for artists; international cultural relations and cultural diplomacy; cultural statistics and evaluation of cultural impacts; and cultural sustainability.

CPME is a high quality, open access, peer-reviewed Chinese and English languages journal published dually online ( and in print by Taiwan Think Tank for Cultural Policy, Management, and Entrepreneurship (T3CPME) of Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Study (TACPS) every May and Nov. The first issue is to be launched in November 2022. CPME is sponsored by Philo Social Enterprise. The Journal follows the standard for Ethics and Publication Malpractice set by the COPE.

CPME invites submissions of original scholarly articles from both senior figures in the field and younger scholars who wish to challenge the established knowledge practice. All articles are subject to a double-blind review process, organized by the editorial and advisory board. Members of the board includes scholars from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US. Article submissions (no longer than 10,000 words, in CMS Style) should be emailed, as Microsoft Word attachments, to T3CPME at

Types of Submissions:

  1. Academic Research Papers: CPME invites academic research papers with original findings or critical analyses of current cultural issues relevant to the journal’s scope. English articles submitted should be between 5,000 words and 10,000 words, excluding abstract and bibliography. All academic research articles will have to go through a double-blind peer review procedure.
  2. Book Reviews, Art Critiques, Curating Critiques & Policy Reviews: The journal both commissions and accepts proposals of book reviews, reflections and critiques on specific art works, curations, and cultural exhibitions, as well as perspectives or reviews on cultural policies and grey literature (such as policy documents and speeches). Review articles in English are normally between 1,000 to 1,500 words. Authors are advised to have initial discussion with the Review Editor through email before sending their contributions. Review articles will be evaluated internally by the Editorial Board.
  3. Forum Notes and Case Reports: Forum notes are reflections or responses to contemporary cultural issues or events. CPME also invites analytical case reports of current practices in arts management, entrepreneurship, as well as art and business collaboration. Authors are strongly advised to have initial discussion with the Review Editor through email before sending their contributions. Forum notes and case reports will be reviewed internally by the Editorial Board.
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