Selection and Peer Review Process

  1. Articles received are first reviewed for their manuscript format correctness (see the Principles of Writing Manuscripts).
  2. Articles conformed with the manuscript format will then be assessed by the Executive Editorial Board for their academic areas and quality. Please refer to the journal’s Aims and Scope.
  3. All submitted research articles are reviewed by a double-blind peer review procedure. At least two external reviewers will be recommended by the Editorial Board or Editorial Advisory Board Members according to the academic area.
  4. Reviewers should issue a verdict among the following options: “ACCEPT”, “ACCEPT WITH MINOR REVISIONS”, “REVISE AND RESUBMIT” and “REJECT.”[1]
  5. In case of “ACCEPT” and “ACCEPT WITH MINOR REVISIONS”, the authors should improve the articles by referring to comments of the reviewers. When the articles are evaluated as “REVISE AND RESUBMIT”, the authors will revise and resubmit the articles to the original reviewers (or a third reviewer recommend by the Editor-in-Chief).
  6. In case of disagreement between the two external reviewers, the Executive Editorial Board reserves the right to make a decision on whether the article will be published or not, or to send the article to a third reviewer for reassessment.
  7. As the results of the third review been “ACCEPT” or “ACCEPT WITH MINOR REVISIONS”, the articles are accepted. If the articles are assessed as “REVISE AND RESUBMIT” or “REJECT”, they will be rejected for publication.
  8. In case the articles are rejected, comments of the reviewers will be provided to the authors for their reference.
  9. All revisions should be completed within a period three months. The Executive Editorial Board reserves the right to revoke the decision for publication in case the authors exceed the due period for article revisions.
  10. The review, revision and reassessment process can normally be expected to take between 3 to 6 months. The actual timeline of publishing depends on the practical operating procedure (normally between 6 to 12 months).

Review Criteria for reviewer’s reference

  1. Relevancy to the scope of the journal and current scholarship
  2. Conceptual framework and the quality of analysis
  3. Originality and novelty of the research
  4. Research designs and methodology
  5. Discourse coherence/structure of the paper
  6. Contributions to the theoretical argument and knowledge
  7. Readability (wording, style), and quality of the references and graphics
  1. Accept: It is recommended to publish the article without making any changes.
  2. Accept with Minor Revisions: It is recommended to publish the article once the author has made some minor corrections.
  3. Revise and Resubmit: Contingent upon major revisions. The journal will publish the article if the authors make changes suggested by the reviewers and editors, and reconsider the article in another round of decision making.
  4. Reject: It is not recommended to publish the article.
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