Submission Guideline

  1. The journal welcomes submissions of Academic Research Papers, Book Reviews, Art Critiques, Curating Critiques & Policy Reviews, Forum Notes, and Case Reports which in line with its scope.
  2. The journal accepts submissions either written in Chinese or English.
  3. The manuscripts submitted must present clear viewpoints, supported with sufficient arguments, evidence, or data.
  4. The manuscripts submitted must fulfil the condition of originality and academic norms of citation. The intellectual property of the article must belong exclusively to the authors.
  5. All articles included in the journal must be unpublished, and they cannot be submitted to any other publications, unless it has been rejected by the Journal, or withdrawn by the authors.
  6. Authors must credit the use of pre-existent material and bear the responsibility for checking whether the material submitted is subject to copyright or ownership rights. The authorization and acknowledgment must be given including photographs, tables, illustrations, etc.
  7. Submissions should adhere to the formatting guidelines outlined in the journal’s “Principles of Writing Manuscripts (The Chicago Manual of Style Online).”
  8. All submissions should be submitted along with the “Submission Form” which contains: author’s name, affiliations, position, article title (provided in both Chinese and English), correspondence, type of article, and word count.
  9. After acceptance of the manuscript, the author should sign “Copyright License Agreement” for the article to be officially published.
  10. Before the articles are published, the editorial office has the right to make necessary changes of writing style and wording, and the content changes may be made with the author’s consent.
  11. The journal is a fully open-access journal, all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication with no fee. There are no article processing charges (APC) for the author.
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