November 2022

Volume 1 Number 1

ISSN (Print) / 2958-1966

ISSN (Online) / 2958-1974

Editorial Note
Chief Editor’s Preface∣Taiwan/Asia-Pacific – Culture as a Method: International Knowledge Regime and Network Ecology of Culture: Policy, Management, and EntrepreneurshipLIU Jerry C. Y.
Academic Research Paper
Discursive Approaches to the Concept of Cultural Rights and Cultural Impact AssessmentCHANG Yu-Hsin
Eating People and Selling Taiwan. W. Wykeham Myers, Indigenized Orientalism, and Culture Wars during the 1890sIan Inkster
Changing Landscape—Art Exhibitions for Two Centenaries in Taiwan’s History and their Political ConnotationsWU Chieh-Hsiang
Complex Indicators for the Research of Artists Conditions: The Empirical Case of LithuaniaRusnė Kregždaitė, Erika Godlevska, Morta Vidūnaitė
Policy Review
Culture as the Approach of Urban Governance—Policy Review on the “Taitung Cultural White Paper”KU Shu-Shiun
A Better Way to Regenerate Historical Sites? On Taiwan’s Cultural Heritage Preservation Policy and the Dilemma of the Regeneration SitesLIN Yi-Chen
5% Solution of Social Inclusion? The Development and Obstacle of Cultural Equality Policy from Human Right PerspectiveCHAO Hsin-Yi
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