Complex Indicators for the Research of Artists Conditions: The Empirical Case of Lithuania


The main aim of this research is to explore existing methodologies for artists’ labour force and create artists’ socio-economic and creative conditions an assessment model. Artists have a dual aims in their creative working process: income and artistic self-expression. The valuation of their conditions takes into consideration both sides: the factors related to income and the satisfaction for creative process and its result.

The proposed model includes objective factors (working time, income, etc.) and subjective factors (salary covering essential needs, self-satisfaction). Other intangible indicators taken into account: the impact on the common culture, social values, and the possibility to receive awards, to represent the country in the international market. The empirical model consists of 59 separate indicators, grouped into eight categories. The deviation of each indicator from the general evaluation allows identifying the strongest and the weakest components of artists’ conditions.

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